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Sedation Dentistry

Dental anxiety can sometimes make patients put off needed dental care.

We offer sedation dentistry so you can relax and get the expert care you need to prevent dental issues from getting worse.

See how Lake Area Dentistry in Lake Charles, LA, can make a trip to the dentist a calm, comfortable experience.

What Is Sedation Dentistry?

Sedation dentistry is a technique that uses medication to minimize discomfort and help patients relax during dental work. The exact effects of sedation dentistry depend on the level of sedation administered to the patient.

With mild sedative options, patients remain awake and alert but are much more relaxed than they normally would be. Moderate levels of sedation allow patients to relax even further by producing a twilight sleep. In this state, patients can still respond to questions from the doctor but will have little memory of the procedure.

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Dental anxiety is a common concern that affects many people. The dentists at Lake Area Dentistry can help you overcome that obstacle with sedation dentistry. We offer both nitrous oxide and oral sedation to help put you at ease during your dental appointments or throughout extensive procedures.

If you could benefit from sedation dentistry, we invite you to request a dental appointment with one of our offices in Lake Charles, DeQuincy, Carlyss, Moss Bluff, or Kinder. You can fill out our contact form or call us:

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Lisa Ledesma


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I have anxiety about dentists in general but the staff at Lake Area Dentistry was absolutely amazing. Dr. Doucet and his assistant Lisa were so incredible and understanding. They have a new patient for life!

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Everyone there was friendly. They were very quick about getting me in and out with no problems. Also, the price was good. I will be going back there from now on.

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Who Can Benefit From Sedation Dentistry?

Lake Area Dentistry provides sedation as one of many options to ease a patient’s anxiety so that it does not interfere with their oral health. Sedation is particularly helpful for patients who:

  • Have a low pain threshold
  • Have sensitive teeth
  • Have a sensitive gag reflex
  • Have trouble sitting still for long periods
  • Require extensive dental work
  • Are uncomfortable with a stranger’s closeness

Sedation is not the only available option to ease discomfort. Simply asking your dentist to thoroughly explain your treatment can make a difference in helping you feel comfortable. You can also agree on hand signals before treatment to let your doctor know if you need a break.

Sedation Options Available at Our Lake Charles Practices

At Lake Area Dentistry, we strive to help patients enjoy a lifetime of healthy and beautiful smiles. If you suffer from anxiety or fear when visiting the dentist, we can use one of two sedation methods during your appointment.
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Oral Sedation

Oral sedation uses a prescription medication that is taken before a dental procedure. The effects of oral sedation can range from mild to moderate, depending on the dosage. With a single pill, patients usually feel drowsy but remain awake. Larger doses are more common, though, and typically leave patients in a twilight sleep state.

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Nitrous Oxide

Nitrous oxide, also known as laughing gas, is one of the mildest forms of sedation available. Administered through a nose mask, the effects of nitrous oxide can be felt immediately and diminish quickly. Because it is so light, it is often recommended for children who are especially nervous or uncooperative at the dentist’s office. We offer complimentary nitrous oxide to help patients achieve optimal comfort during their procedures.

How Is Sedation Different
From General Anesthesia?

Sedation dentistry is not the same as general anesthesia. Patients who receive sedation during their procedure won't be completely unconscious but will be in a state of deep relaxation. Patients will still be able to communicate with their dentist, but won't feel their anxiety. With general anesthesia patients have a complete loss of consciousness. They are unaware of their surroundings and are unable to respond.

Are You Concerned About Costs?

We don't think costs should get in the way of needed dental care. Lake Area Dentistry offers flexible financing through CareCredit® and we have our own dental membership plan that offers discounts on dental procedures. Contact us to learn more.

Preparing for the Sedation Process

Attend a Consultation

Before your dental work, you'll have to undergo a consultation with one of our Lake Charles, LA, dentists where you can discuss your concerns, required dental work, and medical history. Our dentist can then decide which form of sedation will be best for you.

Arrange Transportation

Patients who receive oral sedation will have to arrange for transportation to and from their appointment as it is unsafe for them to drive until the effects of their medication completely wear off.

Follow Preparatory Instructions

Depending on the type of sedation that will be used, you may receive pre-visit instructions from your dentist. These instructions may include avoiding certain medications and restricting eating and drinking two to three hours before sedation to help prevent nausea after treatment.

The Importance of Sedation Dentistry In Maintaining Good Oral Health

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According to researchers, anywhere between 50 and 80 percent of Americans have some degree of dental anxiety.

Unfortunately, this anxiety can cause patients to put off exams and procedures that can prevent serious dental concerns.

For example, periodontal disease has no obvious symptoms until later stages, at which point extensive treatment is required. Receiving comfortable dental care with sedation techniques allows patients to get the care they need to maintain their oral health.

The Risks of Sedation

Though sedation dentistry has many benefits, some people may be more at risk for developing complications with sedation. These people include patients who:

  • Are overweight
  • Suffer from obstructive sleep apnea
  • Are pregnant

If you are considering sedation, our Lake Charles, LA, dentists will carefully review your overall health to ensure sedation is safe for you. During your consultation, you can discuss your medical history and current conditions with your dentist so they can determine the best option for you.

"Love this place and will continue to go there!" Our Dentists Make Your Comfort Their Priority


Debbie Nunez


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I have major anxiety about going to the dentist, but not this time. Dr. Doucet was so informative about the procedure before he started. During the procedure he often asked me if I was doing ok.I felt very relaxed and comfortable. The office staff was so nice and helpful. I will definitely be back and would recommend Lake Area Denistry to anyone searching for a great dentist office.

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Lauren Smith


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Went in as a new patient needing a wisdom tooth pain. They got me in a day before my appointment and checked me out and was able to make the extraction that same day. I was crazy scared and they did everything to help me calm down. It went smoothly and everyone was super caring and friendly. Love this place and will continue to go there!

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