Braces vs. Invisalign® Clear Aligners: Which Is Better for Me? By Jeffery Hennigan, DDS on December 01, 2023

Smiling woman holding up Invisalign tray

The goal is straightforward: You want a straight, symmetrical smile that you feel confident sharing with the world. However, there are a few orthodontic treatment options out there that help patients achieve this — namely, traditional braces and Invisalign®.

Both of these solutions can yield tremendous results, but which is ideal for you comes down to some key factors. Our team, serving Lake Charles, Kinder, and Carlyss, LA, has put together this guide to help you determine whether you should get braces or Invisalign clear aligners.

Key Considerations Regarding Braces

Can treat a wide variety of alignment issues — but others will be able to tell: With braces, it doesn’t matter how severe your case is. Even if you’ve got several dental and facial issues that need to be corrected, braces can help. However, some people don’t like the look of braces — especially teens and adults.

Treatment is largely hands-off, although you’ll have to be extra mindful of your diet along the way: Unlike Invisalign aligners, which need to be removed and replaced throughout the day, braces stay in place throughout the course of treatment. However, you’ll need to visit the orthodontist’s office more often for tightening and adjustments with braces. You’ll also need to avoid hard and sticky foods that could damage the braces and make it harder to practice proper oral hygiene — which is tough enough as is with braces.

How Does Invisalign Stack Up?

Invisalign can address most of the same orthodontic issues braces can — but not to the same extent: Invisalign is designed to treat mild to moderate cases of malocclusion and bite issues. These clear aligners can straighten cooked teeth, overcrowding, underbites, crossbites, and more. However, braces can be used to treat fix bite problems, large gaps between teeth, and severely rotated teeth.

You can eat all of your favorite foods, but you’ll have to be diligent about keeping track of your aligners when you do: A significant benefit of Invisalign is that since no components are bonded to your teeth, all you have to do is remove the aligner to enjoy all of your favorite foods and beverages. However, when you’re out and about in public, you’ll have to remove them (and not lose them). It’s also worth noting you’ll want to brush your teeth before popping aligners back in.

Find Out if You’re a Candidate for Invisalign With Lake Area Dentistry

While these tips should help you get a better sense of which is best for you, the best way to determine whether you should get braces or Invisalign is to consult a trusted dentist. That’s where our team steps in.

Our practice serving Greater Lake Charles, LA, has helped many patients just like you achieve beautiful, healthy smiles with a wide range of cosmetic dentistry solutions and orthodontic treatment planning. To learn more about what patients need to qualify for Invisalign — or when we recommend braces — get in touch with our practice to request an appointment.

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